Make Mine Mami – An Ode to Classic Filipino-Chinese Noodle Soup

To many Filipinos, mami is the quintessential meal for snack or lunch. True, it was invented by Chinese immigrants in the early and mid-1900s, but it has no doubt taken on some uniquely pinoy qualities that sets it apart from other Asian noodle soups like ramen, pho, and even authentic Chinese noodle bowls. Here’s our take on this Filipino favorite. Read more

On the Hunt for Giant Breakfast Waffles

For several weeks, Eve had a craving for big breakfast waffles. It came about after seeing a picture of our favorite niece having one in California. So we decided to look for a good place to have giant waffles only to find out that they’re not served on almost all breakfast diners outside 5-star hotels. And the places that do serve waffles have small thin ones not unlike ordinary pancakes, save for the grid marks. Read more

The Better Beef Sandwich Awaits at The Cheesesteak Shop Makati

Getting tired of hamburgers but can’t get enough of beef in your sandwich? Treat yourself to a Philly cheesesteak hoagie. It’s another classic American beef sandwich filled with sliced – not ground – beef, melted cheese and caramelized onion. The Cheesesteak Shop in Makati serves authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteak. It’s worth a visit. No kidding.

Read more

My Mochi Japanese Ice Cream Encounter

Ever wondered what would it be like if you combined tikoy and ice cream? Well, let me tell you that such a treat would be no less than heavenly. And that’s what mochi ice cream is all about. It’s made from ice cream encased in flavored mochi or Japanese glutinous rice cake. The sticky casing goes well with the ice cream filling. No wonder, this Japanese treat is slowly gaining a mainstream following. Try it yourself. Read more

Where to Have Veggies and Eat Them Too – With Pleasure!

An office-day lunch at Italianni’s in Glorietta reveals a new salad that easily climbed up my list of favorites. The Four Seasons Salad is a great choice in lieu of another favorite Italianni’s salad, the Sicilian Chicken Salad. Plus, the Grilled Porkchop never fails to amaze me. It’s also one of the most treasured items in Italianni’s menu. Read more

Happy Hour at Benny’s Café in Rustan’s Makati (The Crispy Pla-pla Edition)

Guys like me never like grocery shopping. So, where do I attribute my seemingly startling enthusiasm to go to Rustan’s Supermarket in Makati? Well, it’s Benny’s Café. This eatery right next to the grocery area serves mean home-cooked Filipino fares and international culinary items. They have everything from crispy pata to gnocchi — perfect if you want to recharge after scouring aisle after aisle of grocery stuff. Read more

Fish Head Sinigang: Bombshell Soup Dish for a Rainy Day

Sinigang is a classic soup dish in the Philippines. It’s made with either fish or meat added with veggies and cooked in sour broth. While I love pork sinigang, I’m also easily swayed by fish head sinigang. My favorite place to get my instant sinigang fix is Sizzling Seafoods and Ihaw-Ihaw found in most mall food courts in the metro. At less than Php 200 per bowl, their no-frills maya-maya fish head sinigang is worth every peso. Read more

For the Love of BBQ: The UP Diliman Beach House Experience

The University of the Philippines in Diliman is home to a number of culinary destinations – not just for students, but for foodies from all walks of life as well. One of the best known dining spots is called the Beach House Canteen. It’s known for great barbecue and a very refreshing al fresco dining experience. The next time you find yourself walking along U.P.’s lush grounds, trek to the Beach House and find out why their barbecue is reputed to be one of the best in the metro. Read more

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco – T’is Not Madness, Ma’am, It’s Meat!

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco is one of those eating places that we simply pass by and put on the back burner of our eat-here list. But truth be told, I love this Brazilian steakhouse. One can get various types of grilled food served right on the plate. Plus, their buffet is relatively affordable compared to eating in a regular steakhouse. Sadly, only their Serendra restaurant remains. Read more

Barbecue Art, Anyone?

It’s amazing how a messy grub like BBQ ribs can inspire a guy to elevate barbecue eating into an art. This got me thinking, Filipinos love barbecue and many among us have skills in the arts, particularly painting and drawing. So, maybe our love for grilled food can reach a higher level if we can make barbecue art an everyday affair. Just saying. Read more