Puerto Princesa Underground River: The Trouble with Not Having a Travel Agent

There’s no doubt that the Puerto Princesa Underground River is beautiful. It deserves its place in the list of 7 New Wonders of Nature. But whatever grandiosity resulted from nature’s work can be easily blotched with the chaos in the local tourism office in Sabang, Palawan where local travel agents try to cheat other tourists lining up to get their permits. Good old partisanship and preferential treatment is accorded to local agents at the expense of tourists, both local and foreign. For me, this attitude is the only black mark when visiting Palawan. So, for visitors who are more concerned about convenience than starting a revolution, using a travel agent is definitely a good idea. Read more

Turn a Nature Mocker into Green Believer at Sabang Zipline in Palawan

Sabang Zipline in Palawan is a real treat for people who love to go nature tripping. But what truly makes the whole experience magical is the unforgettable view of the lush green forest and bright blue water that seem to engulf the zipline user. And the best thing about this stage of your Sabang tour is that it makes you believe that Mother Nature is worth protecting. Read more

Tips for Trekkers to Sabang Waterfall in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

If you’re imagining that the path to Sabang Waterfall is clear of obstacles and easy to negotiate, then you are gravely mistaken. It takes patience to walk the trail to the waterfall and even more tolerance when you finally realize that it’s not even close to what you imagined a waterfall should be (on a sunny season). Still, the trek can reward visitors with amazing views of the sea and countless unique rock formations. But to avoid injuries and other unfortunate incidents, here are some tips for would-be trekkers to Sabang Waterfall. Read more

Quitting is Enlightenment at Sabang Waterfall and Chinese Temple

Puerto Princesa Underground River has no doubt pushed Palawan higher on the list of top Asian tourist destinations. Being included in The New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011 definitely has its benefits. And the biggest gainer in terms of tourism is Barangay Sabang, also called Sabang Beach. Apart from seeing the subterranean river, hitting the zipline, or riding ATV’s, tourists are invited to see Sabang Waterfall and the Chinese Temple. Only question is, are these two sites worth one’s time and sweat? Read more

Palawan Vacation: What Makes Sabang Amazing

Palawan is a big place. Often, you would hear people telling stories about El Nido, Coron, Amanpulo and Puerto Princesa City. But there is this little obscure beach called Sabang. And if you want real privacy and getting in touch with nature, then Sabang Beach in Palawan is the place to be. Read more