Where to Have Veggies and Eat Them Too – With Pleasure!

An office-day lunch at Italianni’s in Glorietta reveals a new salad that easily climbed up my list of favorites. The Four Seasons Salad is a great choice in lieu of another favorite Italianni’s salad, the Sicilian Chicken Salad. Plus, the Grilled Porkchop never fails to amaze me. It’s also one of the most treasured items in Italianni’s menu. Read more

Wild New Twist to Filipino Recipes at New Metrowalk Resto

Bakahan at Manukan Restaurant opened up a store in Metrowalk Ortigas. And before anyone can say “it’s another Filipino dining place”, let us introduce you to a couple of dishes that can hardly be found in the usual Filipino restaurant. Surely, what they offer can only be categorized as Filipino food, but somewhere in the kitchen they added lots of imagination to put in the wild twists to classic recipes. Read more

Once Upon a Time in Achiote Mexican Taqueria

Here’s a relatively newcomer in Mexican food in the Philippines. Achiote Taqueria in Rockwell Powerplant Mall offers a swank sit-down place where one can gobble up tacos, burritos, fajitas and other Mexican favorites. Run by the same guys behind Cyma Greek Taverna, this taqueria is ready to fill up anyone with a craving for Mexican grub. Read more

Losing My Religion at Lugang Café

I planned to take a breather from Chinese food. But a weekend lunch at Lugang Café in SM Mall of Asia changed everything. We instantly fell in love with their Crispy Chicken and Taiwanese Stewed Minced Pork. And it’s hard not to notice their modern and clean interiors. Initially, it may not have that typical Chinese restaurant feel. But once the food is set on the table, one can only say it’s authentic Chinese food. It shouldn’t come as a surprise really. Lugang Café has its roots in Shanghai and Beijing, brought to local shores by Bellagio Group of Restaurants.
Read more

The Day I Almost Went to Heaven at Ma Maison in Greenbelt

For today’s lunch, we headed to Ma Maison in Greenbelt. What would have been an ordinary lunch out was made more fantastic with the flaming escargot baked in garlic as appetizer and the Scotch eggs that really made us curious right from the start. Read more

Affordable Spanish Dining at Taberna Barcelona Tapas y Vino

Taberna Barcelona Tapas y Vino is a Spanish restaurant in SM Megamall. I have been here twice, but my second visit was the charm. They have very affordable offerings and their Paella Negra has a unique twist that I don’t normally experience in other Spanish dining places. Indeed, this Spanish dining place is worth a try. Read more