Brazil Brazil! Churrasco – T’is Not Madness, Ma’am, It’s Meat!

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco is one of those eating places that we simply pass by and put on the back burner of our eat-here list. But truth be told, I love this Brazilian steakhouse. One can get various types of grilled food served right on the plate. Plus, their buffet is relatively affordable compared to eating in a regular steakhouse. Sadly, only their Serendra restaurant remains. Read more

Nanbantei: This is Not Your Mama’s Yakiniku

If you love Japanese grilled meat, I’m sure you’ve been to Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt 3. Yakiniku (grilled meat) dishes are at their most authentic when served here. And that’s not some empty boasting from yours truly. For one, Nanbentei in Greenbelt is a local franchise of the same famous yakiniku food chain that originated in Tokyo, Japan. But don’t take my word for it. If you haven’t tried this place yet, then it’s about time you do. Read more

Thank Heavens for Seoul Style Bulgogi

Our visit to Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5 came into fruition after weeks of planning and reading other foodies’ reviews about the place. It was a rainy Tuesday night and I was drenched. I have to admit, I’m not really that well-versed in Korean fares, so I didn’t know what to expect. But I’ve got to tell you, everything turned out great after I realized that bulgogi doesn’t only come in its grilled or pan fried version. It can also be served with soup and noodles. Perfect for a cold rainy night. Read more

Yabu, House of Katsu – They’ve Got Katsu (Done Right)!

A few months after our last visit, I felt that it’s time to give Yabu, House of Katsu another try. Other than the noticeably bigger space, I found that the service crew were more courteous now. Maybe it’s because we came in an hour before 12 noon, which means there were only a few diners, or because Mr. John Concepcion was there that day to oversee a photo shoot (maybe for a magazine feature or a new menu). But on top of the overall ambiance, I really enjoyed my tonkatsu set this time. Pork that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. What more could I have asked for besides some veggies to take out some of the guilt? Oh, they’ve got that covered too with unlimited cabbage. Read more

Gaudi Serendra: Basque and Castillan Cuisines from Flavors de España, Part 2

Here’s the second leg of our Spanish culinary adventure. As part of the Flavors de España celebration, we had Castillian and Basque menu sets from Gaudi in Serendra. Plus, what better way to wash our taste buds than with fruitty Sangria that only an authentic Spanish restaurant like Gaudi can concoct. Read more

Tapella Greenbelt 3: Catalan and Andalucian Cuisines from Flavors de España, Part 1

After watching Fuera de Carta (Chef’s Specials) at the Película Pelikula: 10th Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3, we decided to have a Spanish dinner. This month, Spanish restaurants are celebrating Flavors de España, providing a perfect backdrop to whatever discussions we may have after watching Spanish flicks. Read more

Queens at Bollywood: Great Food, Glitzy Musicals and My Vigorously Shaking Shoulders

On a Tuesday night, we dined at Queens at Bollywood in Greenbelt and we didn’t only have rich, flavorful Indian fares. We also enjoyed Indipop music! Indian pop MTV is known for its glitz and noise and colorful themes. It’s very easy for someone to get lost in the music and go on some shoulder-shaking trance. Even I had to hold on to the corners of our table to stop myself from dancing. Ah, I think I’m beginning to love Indian cuisine and all the entertainment that comes with it. Read more

Terry’s Selection in Salcedo Makati – With Food this Good, We’d Still be Under Spain

The Spanish dining experience at Terry’s Selection in Salcedo Makati is the perfect setting for a Friday dinner. We started with Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva. Then, a casserole of Chistorrado matched with soupy Cocido Madrileño. To finish the dinner, we treated our palates to spoonfuls of Tocino de Cielo. Read more

La Cuisine Francaise: An Authentic Piece of France Right in the Heart of Makati

It’s hard to find restaurants in Manila that serve authentic French cuisine. Thankfully, La Cuisine Francaise opened in the heart of Makati Central Business District. Right at the Ground Floor of Paseo Parkview Condominium along Sedeno Street, this little restaurant is a great place to visit if you want good French food and good wine. The place has a very relaxed atmosphere that provides a welcome respite from a busy work day. Read more

House of Wagyu Stonegrill in Eastwood: Top Choice Steaks Cooked My Way

House of Wagyu Stonegrill in Eastwood is on top of my list whenever I crave for top choice steak. Paired with Cabernet Sauvignon wine, my Wagyu steak became a work of magic, my dinner was simply breathtaking. The place also offers a succulent version of Gambas al Ajillo. For dessert, I highly recommend their Poached Pears ala mode. Read more