My Mochi Japanese Ice Cream Encounter

Ever wondered what would it be like if you combined tikoy and ice cream? Well, let me tell you that such a treat would be no less than heavenly. And that’s what mochi ice cream is all about. It’s made from ice cream encased in flavored mochi or Japanese glutinous rice cake. The sticky casing goes well with the ice cream filling. No wonder, this Japanese treat is slowly gaining a mainstream following. Try it yourself. Read more

Must Try Seasonal Drinks in Major Manila Coffee Shops

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to try a new brew. After spending time at different coffee shops in Metro Manila early this month, I found out that major coffee house chains in the metro offer limited seasonal coffees (or teas) that provide coffee lovers with a fresh take on their favorite concoctions. Here are three blends that I recommend. Read more

Afternoon Delight at UCC Coffee Café

Whenever I seriously need to cool my head, I go to the UCC Coffee Café near my office. For me, it has become a place where I can kick back and relax in the middle of a busy work day. For years now, I can’t seem to get over their Ceylon tea milk and mango-flavored Japanese cheesecake. Read more

Baang Coffee: Relatively Unknown Café Puts a Spell on Me

This is a short review of Baang Coffee in Tomas Morato. We don’t usually write about coffee houses because cafés have grown too ubiquitous here in Manila. But this one proved to be a welcome change to the tired old cafés that we all normally go to. I guess you can say that I simply had a great time at this coffee shop. Read more

J. Co Adds More Glaze in Local Donut Craze

J. Co hits local shores and food enthusiasts are buzzing about it. The Indonesia-based donut house offers classic glazed donuts as well as never-before-seen flavors that nobody knew could work on the ubiquitous fried confectionery. Will J. Co make waves or will it shatter against giant Krispy Kreme and the newly reinvented chain of Dunkin’ Donuts Café? It’s a wait-and-see for everyone concerned, but one thing is for sure – sweet tooths have a new place to get high. Read more

Dear Starbucks – Why Can’t You be Like Blenz Coffee Company?

A visit to Blenz Coffee Company is a must whenever I find myself in SM Megamall. They serve up amazing coffee and tea that I simply can’t find anywhere else. But this Canadian coffee company has other aces that can definitely trump other coffee companies in the Philippines. Read more

Coffee Shop Blues: Having Latte Doesn’t Mean You can Squat in Cafés

Manila coffee shops offer a cozy place where people can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and tea beverages. But the increasing number of cafés here and there doesn’t mean that we all know coffeeshop etiquette. I bet you’ve experienced holding a hot cup of latte for several minutes as you try to look for a seat, while some group of students are occupying half the shop’s floor area for hours, turning it into an extension of their library with only a single order of coffee to their name. Irksome isn’t it? Well, it’s even worse if the group is having a prayer meeting in the café. Read more

The Cake Club by Manila Diamond Hotel – Alternative Dessert Place in Rockwell

The Cake Club is located at the second floor the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. It’s an open-space dessert shop operated by the Manila Diamond Hotel. It offers Ko Hi Kan coffee and quality pastries. Overall, this place is a welcome break for people who have grown tired of the usual brews and pastries offered in typical coffee shops in Manila. Read more

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Café in Jupiter Makati: Pure Chocolate Goodness

Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Café in Jupiter Makati is a real treat for chocolate lovers. It’s a perfect place for romantic dates or simple after-dinner relaxation. With cozy ambiance and soft music playing in the background, this is another place where one can attain chocolate nirvana. Read more