On the Hunt for Giant Breakfast Waffles

Breakfasts are a big deal. But there are mornings where you just can’t have the usual Filipino breakfast staples. Sure, you can just open your favorite pancake mix — or go to just about any breakfast diner — and have a seemingly American breakfast. But what happens when you absolutely and positively want fluffy monster waffles?

Breakfast waffles are still rare outside 5-star Manila hotels, especially after Country Waffles closed down some years back. So you really have to open up your wallet if you want a decent waffle cake in Manila. Moreover, some people are of the opinion that waffles and pancakes are the same. Well, apart from the fact that both are made from light batter, these breakfast cakes are actually not the same. Waffles are thicker so they can be crisp on the surface and fluffy in the middle. What’s more, waffles have their deep grid-like impressions not found on pancakes.

It took us two weeks of conscious effort to find a good waffle place in Manila, particularly within the Central Business District. And our crazy quest led us to Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta. Well, I’m sure there are other ‘hidden’ breakfast diners that offer authentic giant breakfast waffles, but for now we’re happy to have finally gotten our fix.

Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta has been around for years — a fact made more obvious by the battered ambiance of the place. But as their name suggests, they offer all-day breakfast fares and it was a clue that no giant waffle hunter would dare overlook. Inside, we skip right to the pancakes and waffles section of the menu, asking for Just Waffles with bacon on the side.

About ten minutes later, we’re munching on the sweet taste of giant, crisp, golden brown waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with butter and syrup. Success!

Heaven and Eggs Grilled Pork Tocino

Heaven and Eggs' Big Breakfast Waffle

Still, if it bothers your patriotic taste for breakfast, you can choose true blue Filipino breakfast favorites like beef tapa or, in my case, Grilled Pork Tocino.

Just don’t let the shabby look of the diner stand between you and a good hearty breakfast. Have a great day!

Heaven and Eggs sits by the entrance to Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati. They’re open from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight .

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