Where to Have Veggies and Eat Them Too – With Pleasure!

It’s a Tuesday and I’m savoring a plate of mouthwatering fresh fruits and greens salad at Italianni’s Glorietta. Now, there’s something definitely not right here. You see, it never occurred to me that the words salad and mouthwatering can ever be used together in a sentence. Salad and healthy are always a pair. Salad and long-life? Sure. Salad and refreshing? Uh-huh. But salad and mouthwatering? It makes me laugh. Yet here I am.

Italianni's Grilled Porkchop

Italianni's Four Seasons Salad

Italianni's Glorietta

I’m talking about the Four Seasons Salad at Italianni’s. It’s a relatively new item on the menu. I would have readily overlooked it in favor of my longtime favorite, the Sicilian Chicken Salad, but I’m in the mood for trying out something new today.

Italianni’s Four Seasons Salad is mainly made up of crisp romaine lettuce topped with flakes of Parmesan cheese, caramelized walnuts, dried berries, slices of green apple, grapes, peaches and tomatoes. The tangy four seasons dressing tie up all the nutty and fruity flavors together as the honeyed shrimps bring on the awesomeness. It’s, well, truly mouthwatering but I’m not done yet.

I must admit, I ordered salad simply to take the guilt out of eating Grilled Porkchops. Italianni’s serves mean grilled pepper-crusted chops whipped up with peppercorn sauce. You can ask for single or double porkchops. A plate comes with garlic rice, seasonal veggies or potatoes and spinach that’s fried to a crisp. As a caveat, sometimes the porkchops can be tough as rubber. If that happens, tell your server. For now, I feel I’m over the top.

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