Brazil Brazil! Churrasco – T’is Not Madness, Ma’am, It’s Meat!

Our latest Brazil Brazil! Churrasco sortie was triggered by fear – my fear that the lone churrascaria chain in the country will soon close down for good. First, their Rockwell branch bowed out. Then, our recent visit to Metrowalk in Ortigas revealed that they no longer have a presence there. And as if those two closures weren’t enough, I’ve learned recently that their Alabang operation had shut down, too. In short, all that’s left of this Brazilian steakhouse is their Serendra restaurant.

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco Serendra

Brazil Brazil! Grill

Brazil Brazil! Roast Beef

Brazil Brazil! Churasco first opened in 2004. Its dining concept was unique in that servers are moving around the place carrying grilled items on skewers. They then go to each table to serve slices of grilled meats, seafood, or veggies right on the diner’s plate. To be honest, Brazil Brazil! is one of my favorite steakhouses in Manila. At less than a thousand pesos, one can enjoy limitless helpings of various types of steaks. As of this writing, churrasco buffet goes for around Php 700 per person. That’s a pretty good deal if you want all-you-can-eat grilled fares. On top of the churrasco, the buffet spread also includes fresh salads, rice, pasta, and steamed veggies. During our visit, they also have Hawaiian pork spareribs and some fish fillet dish.

Soon after we ordered our drinks, we were given demitasses of barbecue sauce and gravy. I always take this as a sign that churrasco binging is afoot. But before I stood up to get my side dishes at the buffet table, I observed that the Brazil Brazil! yoyo was conspicuously missing. By turning its green side up, the yoyo was used to indicate that the diner is ready to be served with his churrasco. The absence of such an ingenious device (plus the less-than-awesome lighting in the resto that resulted to my weather-beaten photos) has yet again flurried my mind with fear that this Brazilian steakhouse will soon be out of business.

The Churrasco We Had

Brazil Brazil! Pork Belly Brazil Brazil! Pork Shoulder
Brazil Brazil! Cuttlefish Brazil Brazil! Grilled Bananas
Brazil Brazil! Chicken Fillet Brazil Brazil! Hanging Beef Tenderloin
Brazil Brazil! Schublig Brazil Brazil! Leg of Lamb
Brazil Brazil! Grilled Pineapple

There was also Beef Brisket Churrasco and some grilled mini-corn. For some reason, I failed to take photos of these items.

Licking the Plate

Are you done yet?“, Eve asked me after we have tried all the churrasco items. My curt reply, “Not quite“. I just couldn’t get enough of the hanging beef tenderloin and cuttlefish. The beef was chewy and flavorful. It’s like a regular steak made even tastier with tapa-esque seasonings. As for the grilled cuttlefish, it was tender, fresh, and cooked just right. I may have had three or four servings of both. Meanwhile, across the table, Eve was having her fifth or seventh grilled banana. It was a night that we both truly enjoyed. I just hope that Brazil Brazil! Churrasco will still be around the next time we wanted a unique steakhouse experience.

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