Meet the Team

Bart Barandon

BartI’ve always imagined myself as a geek with really cool ideas. Partly, that’s because I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies and I have spent a lot of time hobnobbing with all sorts of toy collectors and ardent comic book fans who wear thick bulletproof eyeglasses. In truth, my geeky tendencies stem from my being a certified accountant in the not-too-distant past and a web copywriter at present.

I adore books and films. I believe people-watching should be considered as an art form. In my spare time, I like discussing all things Filipino (except politics). Above all, I love good food. You can reach me at this email address.

Eve Santiago

EveI’m the conscience and the beauty behind the one who thinks he’s a geek. When no one’s looking, I’m a scrabble champion, a videoke ace and a Hotwheels collector. Arcade games? You name it, I played it–to the finish. I love shoes, clothes, and bags. If I win the lottery, I would fancy working as a makeup artist in mall kiosks.

As a writer and a Spanish translator, I’m never a foot away from my pen and journal, except when I’m busy taking pictures with my camera. Indeed, the best way to sum me up is to take a big slurp of sopas: all the nourishing goodness in one big cup. When it all comes down to it, I’m a girl who simply loves to visit places. After all, traveling is the only way that one can truly fire up the flavors of life. Drop me a line or two via this email address.