A Food Lover Tries to Answer the Question – Are You a Foodie?

The word foodie is being thrown around a lot these days to refer to someone who loves food. The question is, who doesn’t love food? Unless, you’re a Hollywood wannabee, I guess it’s fair to say that love for food is wired in us – most especially Filipinos. So, what are the characteristics of a bona fide foodie? Is it a meaningless word? Or is it a badge of honor among those who truly savor life largely thru gastronomic experience? Here’s my two cents on what makes one a foodie.

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Kenji Tei Scores Big with Authentic Noodles and Crunchy Maki

Filipinos love Asian noodle soup. I’m not just talking about mami, but rather any type of soup-over-noodle fares served on bowls. I’d say, there’s something about slurping spoonfuls of hot broth and munching on noodles and toppings that make us all happy. Case in point is the relatively new Kenji Tei Ramen House at Greenbelt 5. In just a few months, it has become one of the most frequented noodle shops in the Central Business District. Naturally, we couldn’t help ourselves but give in to curiosity.
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7 Things I Hate About SM Cinemas

When it comes to quality movie experience, SM cinemas fall behind other mall theaters in the metro. It would have been great if one can shop, dine and watch movies in the biggest mall chain in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I want comfortable seats, great visual and audio systems, and awesome movie snacks in return for the money I spend on a ticket. I’m not even talking about price here. In fact, taking a closer look will tell you that SM movie tickets are more expensive than other premium mall theaters. So, let me tell you why I hate watching movies at SM malls.
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Wild New Twist to Filipino Recipes at New Metrowalk Resto

Bakahan at Manukan Restaurant opened up a store in Metrowalk Ortigas. And before anyone can say “it’s another Filipino dining place”, let us introduce you to a couple of dishes that can hardly be found in the usual Filipino restaurant. Surely, what they offer can only be categorized as Filipino food, but somewhere in the kitchen they added lots of imagination to put in the wild twists to classic recipes. Read more

Aching for Italian Cuisine? You can Fugetaboutitt at Cibo!

Cibo is one of the popular Italian food chains in Metro Manila. All branches offer cosmopolitan, mid-scale and friendly Italian dining atmosphere. Most food items are prepared onsite. For foodies who crave Italian food but don’t want to bust their wallets, any of Cibo’s branches is definitely a good place to visit. In this review, we recommend a couple of items that we absolutely and positively always order whenever we find ourselves at a Cibo restaurant. Read more

Must Try Seasonal Drinks in Major Manila Coffee Shops

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to try a new brew. After spending time at different coffee shops in Metro Manila early this month, I found out that major coffee house chains in the metro offer limited seasonal coffees (or teas) that provide coffee lovers with a fresh take on their favorite concoctions. Here are three blends that I recommend. Read more

Kirin Chinese Dining Has Good Food and Value, If You Know What to Order

Kirin Chinese Dining restaurant in Bonifacio High Street may seem to you as just like all the other Chinese dining places scattered all over the metro. And you may be right, except that they have good crispy chicken, spicy jelly fish salad, and savory mapo tofu. Plus, you get assisted by a snappy manager who’s ready to breach some of his restaurant’s rules (like the PhP 8,000 minimum charge for a VIP room which we did not reach, but nonetheless he allowed us to use such room) just to serve his clients the best way possible. And we’re not even Chinese.

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Lemongrass Asian Bistro: Sotanghon and Teriyaki Sandwich Edition

Lemongrass Asian Bistro, a small Asian diner in Shangri-la Plaza, serves no-frills classic sotanghon soup that can only be described as tasty and delicious. Light guilt-free meal also comes in the form of Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. But the real treat is the iced tea that’s unique and bursting with fruit Asian flavors.
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Don’t be Mad, But I Didn’t See Happiness in Heaven’s Barbecue

We’ve heard friends recommending Heaven’s Barbecue, but we really have not tried it. So, on a humid Thursday night, we braved the dark sidewalks of Malugay Street to finally taste this supposedly nirvana of pinoy grilled meats. So, what did we find? Well, let us just say that the experience wasn’t too bad… it wasn’t too good either. Read more