For the Love of BBQ: The UP Diliman Beach House Experience

The University of the Philippines in Diliman is home to a number of culinary destinations – not just for students, but for foodies from all walks of life as well. One of the best known dining spots is called the Beach House Canteen. It’s known for great barbecue and a very refreshing al fresco dining experience. The next time you find yourself walking along U.P.’s lush grounds, trek to the Beach House and find out why their barbecue is reputed to be one of the best in the metro. Read more

Barbecue Art, Anyone?

It’s amazing how a messy grub like BBQ ribs can inspire a guy to elevate barbecue eating into an art. This got me thinking, Filipinos love barbecue and many among us have skills in the arts, particularly painting and drawing. So, maybe our love for grilled food can reach a higher level if we can make barbecue art an everyday affair. Just saying. Read more