Gaudi Serendra: Basque and Castillan Cuisines from Flavors de España, Part 2

Here’s the second leg of our Spanish culinary adventure. As part of the Flavors de España celebration, we had Castillian and Basque menu sets from Gaudi in Serendra. Plus, what better way to wash our taste buds than with fruitty Sangria that only an authentic Spanish restaurant like Gaudi can concoct. Read more

Tapella Greenbelt 3: Catalan and Andalucian Cuisines from Flavors de España, Part 1

After watching Fuera de Carta (Chef’s Specials) at the Película Pelikula: 10th Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3, we decided to have a Spanish dinner. This month, Spanish restaurants are celebrating Flavors de España, providing a perfect backdrop to whatever discussions we may have after watching Spanish flicks. Read more