Must Try Seasonal Drinks in Major Manila Coffee Shops

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to try a new brew. After spending time at different coffee shops in Metro Manila early this month, I found out that major coffee house chains in the metro offer limited seasonal coffees (or teas) that provide coffee lovers with a fresh take on their favorite concoctions. Here are three blends that I recommend. Read more

Dear Starbucks – Why Can’t You be Like Blenz Coffee Company?

A visit to Blenz Coffee Company is a must whenever I find myself in SM Megamall. They serve up amazing coffee and tea that I simply can’t find anywhere else. But this Canadian coffee company has other aces that can definitely trump other coffee companies in the Philippines. Read more

Coffee Shop Blues: Having Latte Doesn’t Mean You can Squat in Cafés

Manila coffee shops offer a cozy place where people can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and tea beverages. But the increasing number of cafés here and there doesn’t mean that we all know coffeeshop etiquette. I bet you’ve experienced holding a hot cup of latte for several minutes as you try to look for a seat, while some group of students are occupying half the shop’s floor area for hours, turning it into an extension of their library with only a single order of coffee to their name. Irksome isn’t it? Well, it’s even worse if the group is having a prayer meeting in the café. Read more