Aching for Italian Cuisine? You can Fugetaboutitt at Cibo!

Cibo is one of the popular Italian food chains in Metro Manila. All branches offer cosmopolitan, mid-scale and friendly Italian dining atmosphere. Most food items are prepared onsite. For foodies who crave Italian food but don’t want to bust their wallets, any of Cibo’s branches is definitely a good place to visit. In this review, we recommend a couple of items that we absolutely and positively always order whenever we find ourselves at a Cibo restaurant. Read more

Don’t be Mad, But I Didn’t See Happiness in Heaven’s Barbecue

We’ve heard friends recommending Heaven’s Barbecue, but we really have not tried it. So, on a humid Thursday night, we braved the dark sidewalks of Malugay Street to finally taste this supposedly nirvana of pinoy grilled meats. So, what did we find? Well, let us just say that the experience wasn’t too bad… it wasn’t too good either. Read more