Once Upon a Time in Achiote Mexican Taqueria

Here’s a relatively newcomer in Mexican food in the Philippines. Achiote Taqueria in Rockwell Powerplant Mall offers a swank sit-down place where one can gobble up tacos, burritos, fajitas and other Mexican favorites. Run by the same guys behind Cyma Greek Taverna, this taqueria is ready to fill up anyone with a craving for Mexican grub. Read more

Hainanese Chicken Rice – Authentic Asian Dish for the Pinoy Palate

I have increasingly become addicted to Hainanese Chicken Rice. From it’s humble roots as one of Singapore’s hawker fares, the dish is now popular not only in Asia but the rest of the world as well. In the Philippines, a relatively new Hainanese chicken joint is making waves, it’s called Wee Nam Kee. Read more