Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Step by Step Guide for DIY Tourists

Tourists who want to see the Puerto Princesa Underground River without booking with local travel agents may have a difficult time getting permits. With its new-found fame — thanks to it being included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011, Palawan’s subterranean river can now only accommodate a specific number of visitors every day. So here are some tips if you want to go free and easy on your underground river trip. Read more

Quitting is Enlightenment at Sabang Waterfall and Chinese Temple

Puerto Princesa Underground River has no doubt pushed Palawan higher on the list of top Asian tourist destinations. Being included in The New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011 definitely has its benefits. And the biggest gainer in terms of tourism is Barangay Sabang, also called Sabang Beach. Apart from seeing the subterranean river, hitting the zipline, or riding ATV’s, tourists are invited to see Sabang Waterfall and the Chinese Temple. Only question is, are these two sites worth one’s time and sweat? Read more

Palawan Vacation: What Makes Sabang Amazing

Palawan is a big place. Often, you would hear people telling stories about El Nido, Coron, Amanpulo and Puerto Princesa City. But there is this little obscure beach called Sabang. And if you want real privacy and getting in touch with nature, then Sabang Beach in Palawan is the place to be. Read more