Turn a Nature Mocker into Green Believer at Sabang Zipline in Palawan

Sabang Zipline in Palawan is a real treat for people who love to go nature tripping. But what truly makes the whole experience magical is the unforgettable view of the lush green forest and bright blue water that seem to engulf the zipline user. And the best thing about this stage of your Sabang tour is that it makes you believe that Mother Nature is worth protecting. Read more

Palawan Vacation: What Makes Sabang Amazing

Palawan is a big place. Often, you would hear people telling stories about El Nido, Coron, Amanpulo and Puerto Princesa City. But there is this little obscure beach called Sabang. And if you want real privacy and getting in touch with nature, then Sabang Beach in Palawan is the place to be. Read more