Brazil Brazil! Churrasco – T’is Not Madness, Ma’am, It’s Meat!

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco is one of those eating places that we simply pass by and put on the back burner of our eat-here list. But truth be told, I love this Brazilian steakhouse. One can get various types of grilled food served right on the plate. Plus, their buffet is relatively affordable compared to eating in a regular steakhouse. Sadly, only their Serendra restaurant remains. Read more

Larry’s Café and Bar: Good Food and Passable Ambience, but Not Quite There Yet

We visited Larry’s Café and Bar on a Friday night. Food was good, but we’re confused as to the specialty of the restaurant. They serve Greek, Spanish and Portuguese fares, among other things. In terms of price, the items they serve are generally affordable. Read more