Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Step by Step Guide for DIY Tourists

Tourists who want to see the Puerto Princesa Underground River without booking with local travel agents may have a difficult time getting permits. With its new-found fame — thanks to it being included in the New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011, Palawan’s subterranean river can now only accommodate a specific number of visitors every day. So here are some tips if you want to go free and easy on your underground river trip. Read more

Sheridan Hotel Palawan Is Where I’ll Follow the Sun

It was luck — or rather misfortune of not having any other choice — that brought us to Sheridan Hotel in Puerto Princesa. Eve and I really needed to fly off to Palawan to avoid the forfeiture of our Cebu Pacific airline tickets, a gift from a beloved aunt. Unfortunately, it was dated right in the busy Valentine’s week. A few hours of shopping around for hotel rooms online got us a booking at this picturesque Sabang Beach hotel. Looking back, Sheridan is part of the reason why we’re planning to go back to Palawan. Read more