Make Mine Mami – An Ode to Classic Filipino-Chinese Noodle Soup

To many Filipinos, mami is the quintessential meal for snack or lunch. True, it was invented by Chinese immigrants in the early and mid-1900s, but it has no doubt taken on some uniquely pinoy qualities that sets it apart from other Asian noodle soups like ramen, pho, and even authentic Chinese noodle bowls. Here’s our take on this Filipino favorite. Read more

7 Things I Hate About SM Cinemas

When it comes to quality movie experience, SM cinemas fall behind other mall theaters in the metro. It would have been great if one can shop, dine and watch movies in the biggest mall chain in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I want comfortable seats, great visual and audio systems, and awesome movie snacks in return for the money I spend on a ticket. I’m not even talking about price here. In fact, taking a closer look will tell you that SM movie tickets are more expensive than other premium mall theaters. So, let me tell you why I hate watching movies at SM malls.
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J. Co Adds More Glaze in Local Donut Craze

J. Co hits local shores and food enthusiasts are buzzing about it. The Indonesia-based donut house offers classic glazed donuts as well as never-before-seen flavors that nobody knew could work on the ubiquitous fried confectionery. Will J. Co make waves or will it shatter against giant Krispy Kreme and the newly reinvented chain of Dunkin’ Donuts Café? It’s a wait-and-see for everyone concerned, but one thing is for sure – sweet tooths have a new place to get high. Read more

Yabu, House of Katsu – They’ve Got Katsu (Done Right)!

A few months after our last visit, I felt that it’s time to give Yabu, House of Katsu another try. Other than the noticeably bigger space, I found that the service crew were more courteous now. Maybe it’s because we came in an hour before 12 noon, which means there were only a few diners, or because Mr. John Concepcion was there that day to oversee a photo shoot (maybe for a magazine feature or a new menu). But on top of the overall ambiance, I really enjoyed my tonkatsu set this time. Pork that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. What more could I have asked for besides some veggies to take out some of the guilt? Oh, they’ve got that covered too with unlimited cabbage. Read more

Affordable Spanish Dining at Taberna Barcelona Tapas y Vino

Taberna Barcelona Tapas y Vino is a Spanish restaurant in SM Megamall. I have been here twice, but my second visit was the charm. They have very affordable offerings and their Paella Negra has a unique twist that I don’t normally experience in other Spanish dining places. Indeed, this Spanish dining place is worth a try. Read more