Barbecue Art, Anyone?

Filipinos love barbecue. There’s just something about grilled skewered food that makes every Juan go crazy. Visit any mall in the city and sure enough you’ll see a barbecue place. Go to any barrio and you are bound to find a rickety stall selling barbecued pork, chicken, fish and even beef. And it doesn’t stop there. A big part of our street food menu includes BBQ offal and even coagulated blood sourced from butchered pigs and chickens. Indeed, we have pretty much covered all the bases when it comes to local barbecue selection. Well, almost. We have yet to see barbecue spiders and scorpions at the corner store, just like in other Asian countries.

So, what’s the next level for Pinoy barbecue? It’s hard to answer. But for now, I hope we can elevate barbecue eating into an art. Just like this guy who’s evidently fed up with his messy BBQ ribs.

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